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Lately my schedule has been jam-packed with stuff.  Some fun stuff, some not-so-fun stuff.  I’ve been so busy focusing on getting through the busy times that the final stages of potty training seemed to slip right by me!  For the entire week, my 2 year, 7 month old son has been in underpants and accident-free!  Previously, I had resigned myself to the fact that “boys take longer” to potty train and he would be at least 3 years old before I should really think about it as concern.  I missed it.

Usually, when I think I’ve missed anything in my son’s life, it saddens me, but not this.  I had realized early on that I had no patience for potty-training and had basically “given up.”  So when I realized he had reached this monumental step and I had missed it, I was ecstatic!!  Perhaps my inattention to the whole thing is what was really needed.  I’m still working on the ability to slow down and be in the moment.  It’s hard when you have so much to care for.

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